What is the Future of Hope Foundation ?

  • The Future of Hope Foundation is an NGO headquartered in Zimbabwe. The founder Chido Govera is an orphan herself and has experienced many hardships including hunger and abuse. Today she trains women and girls to get out of the role of victim and lead a self-determined life.

Our Mission ?

  • Read, write, calculate and learn the basics in Business English.

It’s no secret that a good education has the power to change a life , or to quote the great Nelson Mandela : ” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can choose to change the world ”
And thus we believe that everyone have the right and should have the access to Education in order to reshape their paths into a safer, economically stable Future and to be part of the beacon of hope for other people around the world.

and since 2013 the Foundation hs been active in the rural reagions of zimbabwe mentoring vulnerable individuals to enable them to lead a life of independency, mainly by teaching them how to cultivate and harvest Mushrooms.

Why Mushrooms ?

  • The few needed, widely available requirements to start growing and the relatively short maturity periods and many other factors make it an incredibly convenient Business choice , and with the help of our partners at Hope Food Franchise , our Trainees have the choice to further their experience , leading to multiple income opportunities with greater market access and nationwide customers

And as they say : a Picture is worth a THOUSAND word

  • Soil testing

What we've Done so far :

Trainings held
communities Reached
mentors trained
Orphans Trained