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Future plans already! – A new hope for bringing back the communal reserve…

With the excitement building up due to the success of the mushroom project, the Marange community is getting ready to take things a step further.

Follow up visit to Communities

This month of May, we made our community follow up visits to check on the projects. We are very excited about the developments in the communities. Mid- May marked the first mushroom harvests in the five communities with some giant mushrooms being harvested in Odzi.

Mushrooming mushroom houses in the communities

The month of April saw the communities gathering all they had to quickly put up mushroom production structures. All communities used what they had. In Kwekwe and old chicken coop was converted into a mushroom house.

Setting up Community Projects

Following the communities’ commitment in February – implementation of income generating projects in communities – we started providing the necessary basic materials to get the projects started.

December Training Follow-up and Inauguration of the CosmoGolem Project

This month we gathered all our participants from the December 2013 training for a follow up visit and to celebrate the official inauguration of our CosmoGolem project.

Official launch of the Future of Hope foundation in Zimbabwe

The 17th of February 2014 is a day to remember: many years of hard work from the whole team has finally culminated in the official launch of the Future of Hope foundation in Zimbabwe, the home country of Chido Govera.

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    The Future of Hope Foundation Trust opened an account with KBC-bank. All contributions are most welcome. Please find here the details of the account:

    The Future of Hope Foundation Trust

    IBAN BE88 7350 3353 8241

    Your contributions will go a long way!

    Partner Programme

    Get into sustainable food business

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    You want to start your own mushroom business in your region or city and become a business partner of the Future of Hope. Then please get in touch with us via the contact form to get more details about our partner programme.

    Volunteer Programme

    Contribution beyond donation

    Teach kids in Africa

    From 2014 onwards we will be offering you the chance to work in the Future of Hope center directly with our team and the kids. We need volunteers to teach different practical skills, english, maths and many more topics – but also to walk a day beside the children.

    Please contact us by using the contact form.

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  • Chido Govera
    Founder of the Future of Hope Foundation

    Mushroom farming expert. Author of The Future of Hope.

  • Katherina Bach
    Consultant at ZERI Foundation

    Former Climate Change Office Director at Ministerio de Ambiente, Vivienda y Desarrollo Territorial.
    Co-founder of the Future of Hope Foundation.
    (Columbia – residing in RSA)

  • Eva Michielin
    Consultant at ZERI Foundation

    Former IBM Manager.
    Director Partner Programme & Communication. Germany.

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